El Salvador Atlas of Gastrointestinal Video Endoscopy

The Internet is becoming the encyclopedia of knowledge for the world. The knowledge and experience of every physician worldwide should be shared with all of his or her colleagues around the globe. It is a tool that unites all of humanity in all areas of life by providing access to information to everyone, in the form of text, audio, still pictures or video images. And as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” By the same token a video clip may be worth a million words. The information provided by the internet can be so helpful to mankind like we have never seen before, supported by good quality and educational resources and free of charge, hopefully this information will be helpful, of good with educational aids and quality free of charge, so that it may be accessed by everyone.

At Gastrointestinalatlas.com we present a high resolution video atlas of gastrointestinal endoscopy in which we want to share our endoscopic experience here in the Republic of El Salvador with colleagues and medical students all over the world. Our atlas presently displays 5154 video clips, more hundreds of videos in YouTube covering almost all areas of gastrointestinal pathology detectable by endoscopy. It has been and still It is a time consuming task to acquire, process and upload the many interesting cases that we come across in our everyday practice. What motivates us to keep on working and improving the atlas, is the positive feedback of the many colleagues that have written us and sent their comments as well as the friendships and relationships that have developed with many individuals as well as gastro-intestinal societies worldwide. Your comments and feedback is very important to us as it is the fuel that keeps us going.

We have reached 5000 videos published in this atlas which is the effort of countless hours of work since I personally elaborate this atlas and it is part of our daily practice of many years with our patients.Last recently added cases: Rectovesical Fistula, Multiple Gastric Metastases of Malignant Melanoma, Laryngo-pharyngeal Tuberculosis. and additional case of typhoid iliocolitis in which a hemoclip is placed to an ulcer of the terminal ilium with suspicion of being perforated.

Julio Murra-Saca MD.

Chief of department of Gastroenterology
Hospital Centro de Emergencias.

This Atlas has 5154 video clips with more than 48.00 Gigabytes of Cyber Space which is the result of countless hours of hard work and research. Plus hundreds of video clip in YouTube, We hope that you find this atlas of your liking.

Last updated December 2022

2000-2022 Twenty Two years online.

El Salvador Atlas of Gastrointestinal
Video Endoscopy Presentation

El Salvador Atlas of Gastrointestinal
Video Endoscopy Presentation


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